Der Leporello entspricht geschlossen dem DIN A5 Format

Mailing für die Jüdische Gemeinde Frankfurt am Main anlässlich des 80. Jahrestags der Novemberpogrome

Interactive light installation for the Jewish Community Frankfurt am Main on the occasion of the Luminale 2018.

Corporate Design, Rebranding, since 2017

»StadtBauKultur NRW is committed to providing a viable, sustainable and quality-oriented architectural environment in North Rhine-Westphalia. Their task is to raise awareness and commitment to building culture among citizens, builders, experts and municipalities, as well as to promote quality and innovation in building-cultural practice.«

»In a technological world where everything seems to be about attention it is hard not to feel like everything around us is trying to steal time from us.«

Website, Online-Shop, Kommunikation, ab 2015

Interactive and Static Media, 2016

Interactive Exhibit, Interface-Design, Light Control, 2016

Design and Conception of a Fairytale Book, 2016

The installation deals with cognitive processes as well as the perception and processing of information in a time that is characterized by changes in the way information is consumed. It poses the question of the significance of physical manifestation of information and creates access to individually created meaning in a audible, visual as well as tactile way. 

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