Über ein Touchscreen-Interface werden Informationen zu Objekten in der Vitrine angezeigt

Stellwerk Mensch Natur Technik


Together with 21ct, we developed an interactive, audiovisual exhibit for the Stellwerk Mensch Natur Technik in Bingen am Rhein, which will be expanding the permanent exhibition from 2016 onwards.

The goal in the development and conception of the exhibit was to convey the history of the pilots at the Binger Loch impressively and easily accessible. The previously used glass showcase was to be replaced by an interactive showcase. 

  • The Touchscreen shows a representation of the objects in the showcase
  • On selection the objects are highlighted by accent lighting in the showcase
  • Additional information and media about the objects is displayed

A touchscreen, whose user interface is based on the exhibition graphics, shows all the exhibits displayed in the showcase. If one of them is selected, further content is available to the visitor. At the same time, the exhibit in the showcase is highlighted by a light bar. A hardware interface was specially developed for the control of the accent light in the showcase.

If the exhibit is inactive for a while, the 16 LED light bars are used for an animation that draws attention to the exhibit and invites visitors to interact.

Concept: schunck dölker, 21ct
Design und Realisation: schunck dölker
Photography: Oliver Böhler

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