an sich

The installation deals with cognitive processes as well as the perception and processing of information in a time that is characterized by changes in the way information is consumed. It poses the question of the significance of physical manifestation of information and creates access to individually created meaning in a audible, visual as well as tactile way. 

In a constant schizoid flow, the term first used by the French philosophers Deleuze & Guattari in »Rhizom« published in 1977, fragments of German poems are randomly recited and simultaneously printed. This process imitates the pouring in of diverse often fortuitous stimulations in a way that is analagous to digital media. 

  • Detail view of the apparatus
  • Accumulated pieces of paper after several days
  • Exhibition view

Therefore it acts as a tangible archive in contrast to the intanglible digital flows of information while at the same time providing inspiration for a new order and the creation of new meaningful combinations of fragments: the recipient becomes an active part of the installation.The use of poetry encourages the creation of new aesthetic patterns. The accumulated pile of small pieces of paper becomes the nonlinear memory of the past and illustrates the transitory nature of information in the digital age. 

Created in 2015 as a diploma at the Faculty of Design at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt under the supervision of Prof. Sabine Zimmermann and Su Korbjuhn.

Photography: Ursula Raapke

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